Initial Config Generator

Initial Config Generator 3.0

Initial Config Generator - configure IPSec VPNS, Cisco Firewalls, NAT, etc.
3.0 (See all)
Network Experts Internet Ltd.

Whether you are configuring IPSec VPNS, Cisco Firewalls, NAT, Wireless, DSL, DHCP or other options in networking, these tools will save you time and make your job easier.
The toolkit contains all of the following:
- VPN Config Generator - VPNs in seconds
- Initial Router Config Generator - Routers made easy (Plus & Ultimate)
- 2 years of monthly technical newsletters
- Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal Converter (Plus & Ultimate)
- Config Register Configurator (Plus & Ultimate)
- Securing Cisco Devices Ebook (Plus & Ultimate)
- Binary & Hexadecimal Explained (Plus & Ultimate)
- Cool IOS Commands EBook (Plus & Ultimate)
- Free Upgrades for 1 year

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